Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let Freedom Reign (commentary written for CNB 11/22/2010)

by Nickie Summers

The midterm elections of 2010 are over and We The People sent an overwhelming message to change the course of policy in government. The elections proved to be the highest conservative gain in the House in over 60 years. With that comes a more balanced, constitutional approach towards governing and protecting freedom…or does it?

This week I began research for my next book. While reading quotes from the Founding Fathers it became clear to me that balance is best achieved from two fronts. First, fix Washington D.C. and state governments and second, engage our children in the quest to protect freedom: individual prosperity verses government handouts, self-reliance verses government dependency.

The Founding Fathers often refer to the importance of educating children on the principles of freedom, why our country fought to be free, and the safeguards to remain free. I believe in order to perpetuate the ideas, concepts, and love for freedom as expressed by the Founders, parents and grandparents must educate young children on the founding principles passionately and frequently. If not, the cycle of education will be broken and as a result the ties to our country’s past will be forgotten, rewritten, and freedom will no longer reign.

This brings me to a piece I wrote earlier this year before the historic midterm elections. I share it as part of today’s commentary because it reflects thoughts as an American and a mother facing and preparing for an uncertain future and finding strength through the prism of hope and the resolve of the Constitution:

Saturday, February 20, 2010 – Nickie Summers
Today I spent the morning watching my son practice his golf game, chipping, putting, and driving. The sun was shining and the temperature was 55 degrees…just a beautiful day. While he was playing, he moved out of my view so I decided to pull from my purse my pocket Constitution and I began to read it, again for the umpteenth time. And again, I was awed at the brilliance of our Founding Fathers and, again, dismayed at the profound neglect, absence, manipulation of their words in politics today.

I pondered at how the erosion of the founding principles didn’t happen over night; it’s been a slow, methodical evolution. I began to wonder ‘who is the person today bold enough to be our modern day refounder? Who has the capacity and backbone to lead citizens of the United States of America back to her founding principles, back to the freedoms and liberties declared at her birth? Will it be a mom who looks at her children and decides she is going to jump into the political fight on behalf of her children’s freedom and future? Will it be a dad who lost his job and decided to promote his ideals and lay a new path to fight for the survival of free markets and capitalism? Is it a collection of individuals creating a movement whose force has flustered the mindset of traditional political groups?’

My thoughts drifted back to the present when my son came back into view. From the distance he looked at me with a smile on his face and I smiled back. At that moment I thought deeply on what the future will bring to this beautiful 12 year old boy. What if he chooses to have a family and children? What will their future bring? Will they live in a free country of liberties and rights endowed by God, declared in the Declaration of Independence and protected by the Constitution? Will I be telling stories to my grandchildren about when the United States of America use to be a free country?

Sad to loose freedom having experienced it; sad to never have had it at all! And so that’s it…that’s the key!! We MUST protect what we have. Protect our freedom and demand we return to the principles under which this great nation was founded…it is time for a new birth. Abraham Lincoln led this nation through a new birth in 1863, it can be done again! We The People are in control, We The People are empowered…we can do this; the Constitution is our ammunition…it was written for us to protect us…Read it, know it…be educated…be empowered…be hopeful…

Nickie Summers is the creator of Stand Up Be Read™, author of the Children’s Book The 4th of July A Celebration of Independence, and regular contributor on Conservative Network Broadcasting.

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